imagesCA8CATBRWe start with high quality water, which feeds our modern Turbo ice makers. The water is frozen while moving over stainless freezing plates. This makes Cosners Ice long-lasting, crystal-clear, and taste-free. The ice is automatically harvested every ten to twenty minutes and moved by screw conveyor to an automatic storage bin.

The storage bin feeds a screw conveyor that carries the ice to a sizer (Cosners Ice is consistently easy to use when filling glasses and cups; also works well is automatic dispensers), then to a double screen (no snow keeps Cosners Ice loose and free flowing), and then to a Hamer form, fill, and package machine. The Hamer Packaging Machine makes the bag, fills it with the correct amount of ice, and closes the package, all automatically.

20131218_132256Only now are human hands required. Our workers stack the bagged ice on pallets, and stretch wrap each pallet. The full pallet of Cosners Ice is now ready to go directly on the delivery truck, or on to storage to meet peak demands.
All of this happens in a chilled room, giving us excellent snow screening, and maintains our high quality.

Cosners Ice is regularly inspected by the Indiana State Department of Health, Department of the Army – Public Health Command District – Fort Knox, and is a Member of the International Packaged Ice Association. As part of their inspection, samples of finished product are taken and tested. You and your family can be assured that Cosners Ice is clean, wholesome, and safe to consume.


Look around for yourself. Many stores still bag ice on-premise with a hand scoop, in the back room or behind the store or in front of the store. Look at the open bin ice-maker; observe its appearance. Have you ever seen anyone reach into an open bin ice maker with their hands to get a piece of ice out? Have you ever seen anyone put a can, bottle, or package in an open bin ice maker to cool off? Do you know if good manufacturing processes are followed. If you are buying from an outdoor vending machine, is there any guarantee that the chute or dispenser is protected from being breached by insects, birds or other rodents? Is there any type of routine health department inspections?

Look at the label on the ice bag. Does it have the store name on it? Does it have any name on it? Who do you contact if you have a question?

Decide for yourself. Would you rather consume Cosners Ice, factory packaged under controlled conditions, or ice bagged by a hand scoop in the back room or dispensed from a questionable enviroment?

Insist on Cosners Ice wherever you shop!