Our History

          Cosner Ice Company began as an extension of a family grocery and hardware business in Bedford, Indiana. It continues to be family owned and operated by father and son, Reath and Jason Cosner. The size and scope of the concern is no longer limited to the town of origin. On a daily basis, Cosner Ice Company serves a territory that spans the entire southern half of Indiana and northern Kentucky.

          In 1970, Reath Cosner purchased two Kold Draft cubers with a K.G. Brown coin operated vendor for the parking lot of his father’s grocery store. Those machines produced 800 pounds of ice a day, which was bagged by hand and placed on a conveyor for retail purchase by the customer. Soon after, Cosner began contacting other independent storeowners in the community in an effort to establish a wholesale element for the business. The company bought its first delivery truck, a used pick-up with a 4 x 8 slide-in, refrigerated box in 1971.

         The company has grown steadily since its inception. A Turbo five-ton icemaker was installed into a small storage building in 1972, followed two years later by a ten-ton icemaker. Subsequently, 40-ton makers were added in 1978, 1984, 1993, 1998, 2000, and 2003. The increase in production capacity created the necessity for increasing the storage facility, A new ‘cold’ building was added for this purpose in 1998, and a 10,000 square foot storage warehouse was added in 2010. Today, Cosner Ice Company produces 240 tons of ice daily and has the storage capacity for 1000 pallets of ice. The warehouse is filled to capacity six months of the year insuring immediate availability of the product while four independent, automated bagging lines provide a product that is never touched by human hands.


          From its beginnings, Cosner Transportation L.L.C., formed in 2005, now runs a fleet of trucks for its seasonal, daily, delivery service. Its contacts with many, large transportation companies have provided ice delivery from Colorado to Maine, and Canada to Miami, Florida. These services were as a result of the1999 drought in Kansas, the blackouts of 2003 in New York, and the national, hurricane disasters in Florida and the Gulf Coast. By using its over land trucking partners, Cosner Ice Company is able to supply its product to some of the most devastated areas.

The company now sits on six acres of land and has added a maintenance facility that encompasses 10,200 square feet. It employs a professional and courteous team of employees to answer its customers’ needs, and provides many job opportunities for residents of the community. Led with experience, efficiency, and creativity, the company continues its steady growth.