Disaster Relief Ice

Emergency Ice Loads for FEMA disaster relief

          Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Flooding and other natural disasters wreak havoc and sometimes total devastation of  communities. After such disasters do their damage, recovery efforts take place to assist the community and the people so affected by the disaster. Packaged Ice becomes a necessity in most cases as water and electrical supplies are often either inoperable in the community or in some cases contaminated.

          The Ice supplier(s) in the affected community may also have inoperable manufacturing facilities for a period of time until water and electrical services are restored. As well, normally FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Association), the Salvation Army and the Red Cross will step in to help the community receive the products (Packaged Ice and Bottled Water) they will so desperately need until the infrastructure services are restored.

People are affected by natural disasters each year

          After devastating natural disasters ice is needed in may different ways. When electricity is scarce, it becomes very hard to keep your food from going bad without any working refrigerators or freezers. Also, many people get injured and will need ice very quickly so they can heal. These are just two of the useful reasons why people need ice in a state of emergency.