Do you sell dry ice?
Sorry, we do not sell dry ice. Click here to find dry ice near you!

Do you sell snow/crushed/snow-cone ice?
No, but we recommend buying block ice. Block ice can be broken up and when placed in a blender it has the same effect as shaved ice for snow-cones.

Where are you located?
Please find directions to Cosner Ice here

What are your hours?
Our dock/office hours are:

  • Memorial Day thru Labor Day-Monday thru Friday 7 to 6 pm.
  • Saturday 8 to 2 pm.
  • Sunday 8 to noon.
  • Labor Day to Memorial Day-Monday thru Friday 7 to 5 pm.
  • Saturday & Sunday closed

How much ice do I need for my party?
While there is no scientific answer to this question, there are some general guidelines for figuring out how much ice you’ll need. If you’re having a ‘non cocktail’ event, cooling food and beverages, 2 pounds per person is a good amount. If you’re having a ‘cocktail’ event, cooling alcoholic beverages, mixing ice in drinks, 5 pounds per person is a good amount. These amounts are general guidelines and are not based on any scientific formula.

What is your minimum for delivery?
For retail and wholesale businesses looking for regular delivery, please call for pricing – (812) 279-8930.

What is the IPIA?
The International Packaged Ice Association’s mission is for its members to provide the retailer and consumer with a safe, high-quality, consumable food product. IPIA members recognize that ICE IS FOOD and should meet mandatory safe packaged ice accreditation standards. Remember to look for the IPIA logo on your ice products.

What is the difference between my refrigerator ice and Cosner’s Ice?
Cosner’s Ice is made with bottle quality water whereas your refrigerator ice is made directly from the tap. Average refrigerator ice carries a cloudy appearance and may have a foul aftertaste. Cosner’s Ice nuggets are crystal clear and have no aftertaste. You can test this yourself by leaving a few ice cubes in a glass to melt. When they melt, taste the water and compare it to that of Cosner’s; the difference is clear!

Do you accept Credit Card payments?
Yes we do.

Do you sell used ice merchandisers?
No. We refinish, repair, and reuse our boxes.

Do you work on freezers that are store owned?
No. Store owned boxes may be repaired if ownership is taken over by Cosner’s Ice. Contact Jon, for details.